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Stealth For Men Review

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Product review from Rocco hard
Stealth is the most effective and unique male enhancement underwear for men looking to boost their self-confidence and sex appeal.” This is how the stealth for men is presented to the world on their website.
I have had the chance to test and use the device for several weeks now and it is definitely perfect for those of you in need of a boost to confidence and enhancement to the package shown Under your pants/trousers.
It’s a soft penile sleeve which is specific to your penis size, length and girth. You send in the measures and receive a perfect fit stealth unique for your measurements.
You then insert your penis in it fasten the buttons at the bottom behind your crotch and add the natural coloured sleeve or black and your girth is magically enhanced as well the length of your penis will be the talk of the changing rooms and friends around.
It prevents retraction keeping your penis extended and adds plenty of extra girth in a flash.
It is very comfortable (after putting it on I had to wait around 20 minutes as always get a hard on due to the compression and manual handling needed to wear it) but once in place and back to flaccid my junk in my trunks has never been so thick, full and an amazing show off in clubs and around town.
It comes In a Very discreet packaging and includes the stealth pack with sleeve, jacket and skin as well as the retainer band.
So if you feel let down by your measurements and soft look give it a try and immediately boost your confidence and bulge appearance in seconds!
Check out Stealth here and make sure you Use  code “Rocco10 ” to get your 10% off
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Bum Chums Stealth Air Sport Brief Review By Rocco Hard

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Amazing feel and perfect fit all around… I slipped these on yesterday and as you can see
it does exactly what it promises. I went to the gym wearing these and during my workout
they kept everything in place. The style is modern and highlights my assets perfectly,
had a few stares in the changing rooms…
The materials used are of a high quality and this can also be found in the way they are
stitched together, the waistband is elasticated for a perfect contour.
The support doesn’t end at the front, as you can see my bum was delighted from these
briefs… aren’t you?
foto 4
The material is  Supplex® Like cotton, Supplex® is fully breathable and soft to the touch,
 but unlike cotton, it will maintain its’ shape and return qualities 
Would definitely recommend these briefs for all of you sporty men out there with a need
for comfort yet style and eye catching underwear!
  • Fit                          9
  • Quality                10
  • Style                      10
  • Value                    9
  • Overall                 9

Rocco really like these  Brand and style check them out  Here. 

foto 2-1


Get your Label reviewed By Rocco Hard. More details here.


Bum -Chums Release The New Stealth Sport Brief

The new Stealth collection is designed to work in harmony with your body, providing natural support and physical freedom in a subtle yet striking package.  The bum-chums’ Stealth Sports-Brief consists of simple, bold and strong lines in confident colour accents that frame and emphasise the male form.  The new Stealth Sports-Brief is designed to provide maximum freedom of movement whilst giving comfortable frontal support and, as with all bum-chums underwear, an enhancing rear view.  The pouch is ergonomically designed – supportive without being tight and restrictive.  The advanced Supplex® fabric is cotton soft to the touch whilst exhibiting exceptional breathability and wicking properties.  To emphasise the naturally enhancing nature of the pouch and to increase the visual impact, the centreline is highlighted with a vibrantly coloured cover-seam stitch.  The rear of the Sports-Brief is designed to offer complete coverage, support and enhancement, even during vigorous exercise; the leading rear edges of the rear section attach further along the waistband, and the entire rear piece is shaped to allow not only a vertical but also lateral tension, this design reduces the potential ‘wedgie’ effect often associated with this type of underwear; your bum-chums’ Sports-Brief will not ‘ride-up’.  Finally, like all the Stealth collection, the rear of the Sports-Brief features a strikingly coloured, cover-seamed centreline that adds drama and enhances the natural shape of your bum, ensuring all your attributes are highlighted!   




Bum-Chums Launch Stealth Collection.

2012 sees bum-chums, a British underwear manufacturer, launching an all new range in technically advanced underwear. Using a high performance fabric Supplex™, bum-chums have thrown down the gauntlet for the men’s underwear world.

Supplex™ is an extremely technical and high performance fabric with intense wicking properties ideal for a close to the skin intimate garment. Combined with our anatomically naturally enhancing design these pants flatter and hug nicely.

See our guys having fun at the shoot here in our movie… “Stealth The Movie”

Stealth – Form Follows Function…


 Form and function….the ideal partnership, inherent in all good design, and the new Stealth collection from bum-chums embodies this philosophy perfectly!


The new stealth range is designed to work in harmony with your body, providing natural support and physical freedom in a striking yet subtle package.  The design consists of simple and bold lines, free of over embellishment and confident colour accents that frame and emphasise the male form.  The range includes of a slim-brief and trunk, both designs dispense with bulky elastic in favour of a more streamlined look, both have accommodating and ergonomic pouches that provide natural enhancement, the trunk consisting of a single ply front and the slim-brief a double fronted pouch incorporating a  convenient keyhole arrangement with colour a flourish along the edge.  At the back both designs exhibit a contrast cover-seamed feature-line that provides extra rear definition.

Supplex®: the heart of Stealth

 The Stealth design also debuts a new fabric: Supplex®.  Supplex® is a technical fabric developed by scientists for modern athletes; it has the traditional feel and appeal of cotton with the benefits of modern fibre technology.  Like cotton, Supplex® is fully breathable and soft to the touch, but unlike cotton, it won’t lose its shape or return qualities – even after repeated wash and wear cycles.  Also, Supplex® is colour fast, so colours won’t fade and, unlike cotton, it won’t pill (bobble).  The fabric is high wicking, helping to keep you dry, particularly during physical exertion; it’s also quick drying and is tough and durable.

The new Stealth collection is our most advanced design yet and introduces an exciting design direction.  In the coming months we intend to expand the range to include a sports-brief and sports-vest.


Stealth – Form following function.  


Bum Chums – Stealth Collection.








Have a sneak peek of Bum Chums new collection – Stealth.

Watch this space for more information on this collection.

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