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New N2N sheer singlets and biker shorts

AlphaMaleUndies expands their sheer and mesh collection of erotic underwear and bodywear with the addition of the newN2N sheer singlets and biker shorts. These items belong to the erotic wear range of the Sheer Skins collection from N2N. Both items combine sheer mesh fabric panels with a solid nylon fabric to create a sexy, one-of-a-kind look.

“I wanted to create an uber sexy collection that has a masculine appeal,” said Andrew Makay, creative director and owner of N2N to The Underwear Expert. “I started designing singlets years ago and now they are so popular. With this collection, I wanted to put my own spin on the singlet by weaving together solid fabric with sheer fabric.”

N2N sheer singlet

The Sheer Skins Singlets and Biker Shorts consist of a solid fabric that is made from 83% nylon and 17% spandex while the sheer panels are made from 76% nylon and 24% spandex. This fabric combination offers a breathable, body contouring fit. “One of the added benefits of the sheer fabric for the biker shorts is the butt cleavage that it provides,” said Makay. “The biker also includes a drawstring cord that holds you up because the rise is so low.”

The sexy style of the Sheer Skin collection was designed to attract consumers who are looking for stylish attire to wear during special events such as an all-inclusive gay cruise or theme party.

Colours available:

N2N sheer biker shorts: Red and White.

N2N sheer singlets: RedWhite and Black.


N2N sheer biker shorts



Sheer Isn’t Just For Lady’s Anymore

Now a days you can find men’s underwear in just about any material you want brand such as modus vivendi have even started adding material such as steel plates to the front of their jocks. But more importantly what is sheer fabric and is men’s underwear ready for it. Sheer fabric can come in very different levels such as level 3 (extremely rare, very thin, barely visible) to level 15 (standard sheer for stockings) up to level 30 (semi opaque) until level 100 (opaque). So be careful when choosing how transparent you want your underwear to be. I for one have tried my share of sheer underwear and depending on the type and fit it can either feel like you are truly wearing a second skin or your about to get a rash. As for company that make sheer underwear some include: Pulse, N2N, Andrew Christian, Candy Man, Joe Snyder, Male Power and Man Store. (Written by RJ)

Manview Mesh sheer Sports Briefs

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