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Most Popular New Arrivals July 2nd, 2013 at


dbe-new-and-repeat-special-743-3.jpg (743×284)

If you follow the links to the brand pages on the DealByEthan site you will be able to easily view and choose your favourites for your shopping cart and wishlist. Each photo below also links directly to the relevant product page. Happy shopping 🙂


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Most Popular New Arrivals at Dealbyethan

dbe-new-and-repeat-special-743-3.jpg (743×284)

If you follow the links to the brand pages on the DealByEthan site you will be able to easily view and choose your favourites for your shopping cart and wishlist. Each photo below also links directly to the relevant product page. Happy shopping 🙂

92001c4088eab21cb5a9f41590a308e8.image.352x530.jpg (352×530)

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Save 56% on ALL Aiirplay t shirts (no coupon needed)

– Last days of clearance sale (by 2nd of June it will no longer be available:


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We also love:

BWET Swimwear


+ over seven hundred amazing brands at


Sexy model of the day is…

… Chris Nogiec. Chris is 36 years old and lives in Boston. He holds a Ph.D (ABD) and top certifications in the fitness/nutrition fields: CSCS, CISSN. In addition, he is represented by Click Modeling Agency, but also does freelance modeling. He was also featured in DNA magazine as one of the 50 sexiest men in 2010 and made a cover on the Instinct magazine on the February 2011 issue. You may have also seen him in a Gregg Homme underwear campaign in 2011 featuring some of the sexy underwear of the brand.

He has worked with some great photographers over the last years: Scott Hoover, Kevin McDermott, David Arnot, Wander Aguiar, Greg Powers, just to name a few.

He has started his own website offering fitness services and nutrition counceling.

Credits: David Arnot for DNA magazine (first picture), Greg Powers (second picture), Kevin McDermott (third picture), Scott Hoover photo (fourth picture), Wander Aguiar (last picture)


Chris Nogiec by David ArnotChris Nogiec by Greg PowersChris Nogiec by Kevin McDermottChris Nogiec by Scott Hoover photoChris Nogiec by Wander Aguiar


Competition Time. Win €100 to spend at Alpha Male Undies.

Competition Time.  Win €100 to spend at Alpha Male Undies.

Send in  photos of YOU wearing your Alpha Male Undies products this can be of our own Label AMU or any other label you have bought from us.Put your favourite underwear, swimwear or Athletic wear  and take a shot of yourself wearing it, with or without your face showing.

You know you look sexy in your briefs, Jockstraps, swimwear etc so take a quick snapshot and send it our way.

Send your pictures to  –

Be creative, trust your inner photographer or just your looks! We are happy to post all the pictures we will receive on this page-section of our blog and our facebook page.

All Photos that we receive for the month of April will be added to this page and also on Facebook the photo with the most likes will win €100 to spend at Alpha Male Undies.

The winner will be announced on the 1st Mat 2013.




The Navy Diver underwear photo shoot

The Navy Diver underwear photo shoot featuring model Bobby.


Hot New Images From Cover Male

Cover Male presents campaign, shot by photographer Patrick Mark.

Texas-based photographer Patrick Mark showcases a mixture of Melvin’s class, elegance and masculinity, truly reflecting the essence of Cover Male.

Melvin is wearing Cover Male’s Waisted Up Trunk ($17) and Bikini brief ($18), a fan-favorite of the brand. As seen in the photo shoot, Cover Male’s collection gives you a slim cut low-rise fit. Made from 83% polyester and 17% spandex, this extremely comfortable range is lightweight and offers a contour pouch for support.


Excellent work for Gilles Crorta



Great work from  Gilles Crofta and Kieran Kaine Hayler for this great photo, more images to come. 🙂 
You might have seen Kieran in Eastenders last night 🙂


Hot Model Milos Tanasic Wearing New Mens Label – AMU

Model name: Milos Tanasic l Ak Model Management Photo by Amer Kadic

Milos is wear AMU


ES Valentine’s Campaign

Checkout the Exclusive photo from the  ES Collection special Valentine’s campaign

Todd and Terry latest Photo shoot.

Latest photo-shoot featuring German model Kosta wearing Todd and Terry.

In upcoming news, look out next month when Todd and Terry will be seen on a popular US reality show. Was our contestant controversial this season?? Stay tuned!

Are you ready for the New N2N Bodywear collection ?

Check out the new N2NBodywear behind the scene photo shoot video then head over and check out the fantastic and very sexy collection.

Please vote For Mister International Ireland & Great Britain

Please cast your vote for Mister international Ireland & Great Britain, the lads will be heading over to Indonesia this weekend.

Darragh Hayes Mister International Ireland & Ryan Terry Mister International Great Britain.

Please click on the link and cast your vote menmisterinternational2010

Also you  join the Mister International Ireland facebook page and catch up on all the lads news.  Facebook

Check out  the lads. Click on the photo to view larger

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