Summit engages the male body in a purely ergonomic and anatomic way. Its name reflects the naturally occurring ‘peak’ shape that follows the body’s dynamic contours. Its core element is from sterling silver, a metal that is precious from ancient times due its stark brightness and clarity. It has been designed for strong endurance and a highly comfortable fit.

“In today’s age of digital abstractions, our culture focuses almost completely on mental and visual stimulation. I see our generation in the pursuit of conceptual ‘truths’ which are far detached from any emotional or even truly physical ones. Hence our intellectual mind is becoming divorced from body and soul”. Nikias, designer


A natural feel and all-new luxurious touch in sterling silver. An anatomic work of art designed ergonomically for ultra-comfortable experience. Summit is quickly becoming our new best seller.

Price – 118,00 €


“I wanted to create this jewel because it can touch a man directly in a way that no abstract idea can. Most material pleasures that we purchase are actually virtual and conceptual because they appeal primarily to the mind. Meanwhile the physical realm is fast becoming obsolete. Tech gadgets for example, create more mental commitment than they weigh. A fast car is only ‘as fast as its logo’ if you can’t drive it beyond the speed limit and experience it’s speed. Even the traditional sense of owning land, you own it on paper but it doesn’t become physical unless you have lived on it and smelled its flowers. As a jewelry designer it is a challenge to create things can be experienced and truly enjoyed in the flesh.”

“I admire several product designers, but envy none – because I can get closer to my customer than most designers have ever dreamed possible. For me jewelry is a small physical and spiritual pleasure goes hand in hand with pleasing the soul. Stardom? In my career I have served many stars and public figures but I feel more honored designing masterpieces that are fit for private moments than jewelry attractions for the red-carpet.”

The jewel encapsulates an elegant harmony of form without unnecessary distractions. Its beauty occurs from its shape and form without an appetite for any needless detail or decor. Its simplicity of shape and form is focused on complementing the body anatomically with elegance.


FUNCTIONALITY: Summit is adjustable (custom sizable by the user) to a wide spectrum of sizes. It is worn around the base of the penis and scrotum like most enjoyed and celebrated cock-rings. Size is adapted easily and intuitively by the wearer before its first use. The firm double rubber piping provides comfort, sizing simply by cutting and a secure snugly grip when worn. (In between the two rubber fittings lies an overwhelming feeling of gratification, comfort and security!)

  • COMPATIBILITY: Yes! Good news. Summit is compatible with specific JockRing © Add-Ons (see image below) as long as they are worn together coupled and not alone on this design. View the recommended add-on pack


Above: Fitted with this add-on pack (not included)

  • One JOCKRING SUMMIT (925 Sterling silver unit with removable high quality durable satin touch rubber shanks – pull firmly to unplug, push firmly to secure)
  • A spare length of rubber to create an alternate size option or replacement.
  • A luxurious esculpta gift-case.
  • Unmatched comfort and luxury!
  • JockRing-Summit-3923-2

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