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Fundoshi was used to be worn by ancient Japanese warriors. However, the Japanese men in the modern days are also wearing fundoshi especially Rokushaku fundoshi . Various types of fundoshi such as Rokushaku, Ecchu, Mokko or Kuroneko are available in market now. They come with print and w/o print (solid color). 100% cotton for all fundoshi compared to contemporary underwears which contain materials like Spandex or Lycra. They are light and comfortable and importantly they are very sexy …. feels great especially in the summer ! Though fundoshi is originated from Japan but currently there are many other customers from US and Europe are buying especially those who have a bigger size (we even have customization) and also those we prefer Green (Save the Earth) !

[slideshow] also markets other contemporary underwears. We have brands like Macho (Spain), VOS’XL (Korea) and Dirty Fukker. We are going to include a few more other brands (eg. Aware Soho) moving forward.

Available from

Groovin Underwear for men

Japan is preparing an invasion! A men’s underwear invasion that is.

Leading the battle is up-and-coming Japanese underwear brand, Groovin’

They are really starting to make a name for themselves outside Japan, and something tells me we’ll be seeing reviews of the various Groovin’ styles popping up throughout the underwear blog community in the near future. Keep an eye out for my own reviews sometime during the next few weeks.

nspired by the masculine form, the mission of Groovin’ is to inject fun and vibrancy into everyday life. Here’s what Groovin’ say about their design philosophy

  • Only use quality fabrics combined with uncompromising workmanship
  • Express the zest for life through fun colors
  • Achieve optimal form and function through inspired designs[slideshow]

Available from prices from €12.50 TO €15.50

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