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Get your Wildmant swimwear and underwear from Alpha Male Undies

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Wildmant is a pioneer in male enhancing underwear. Two years ago they created the first Ball Lifter® starting a revolution in male support garments. Now Wildmant offers a full range of male enhancing underwear, push-up underwear, suspension jocks and cock-ring swimwear. The original Ball Lifter can be worn with any under garment or all by its self. All their products create the fullest package possible while maintaining style and comfort.

Most men think they just are not big enough to fill out a pair of jeans or to wear a tight swimsuit. This is simply not true! Most flat packages are due to low-hanging testicles and not your penis at all. The Ball Lifter® solves these problems and lifts without any fancy contraptions or discomfort. A soft cloth elastic band rests under your balls, lifting them up and forward giving you a fuller package. The best part is it’s all you! Don’t worry about intimate moments, there is nothing embarrassing about wearing the ball lifter, it’s sexy and hotter than a jock strap. Once you wear it, you will never go without it!

Check out the full range of WildmanT swimwear and underwear available at Alpha Male Undies. Reminder: All orders in March get free shipment anywhere in the world. No restrictions and no coupon code needed.

Alpha + Omega Underwear

We are the Beginning of your new underwear and the End of your old.

Our underwear has been designed to be the most comfortable you have ever worn.  So comfortable infact that you will feel as though you are wearing none at all.  Our first collections are made from superior grade Cotton / Lycra, but developments are underway with Bamboo and our absolute favourite – Milk Protien Fibre.  Stay tuned for more information on these.

Who we are…………

Alpha and Omega is the child of Richard Soutter and Jonathan Tyson (and their dog Leelou).

 Richie has over 20 years experience in the production side of fashion, inlcuding working for cult brand YPV / Pigsinspace in its heyday and then 10 years as production manager for Wayne Cooper – one of Australias top designer labels.

Richie designs and patternmakes all our product.  He learnt the understanding of underwear construction by spending vast amounts of hours making next to nothing outfits to wear toSydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parties and Sleaze Balls.

 Thankyou for shopping with us, we hope you enjoy wearing our product as much as we do!

Mens Underwear: Featured Styles

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