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This is the second blog post in my series on Groovin’ underwear for men. Today I review the Groovin’ Cup Boxer, a funky little nylon trunk, which offers a surprisingly good fit.

If you just stopped by, remember to check out my review of the Groovin’ Low Waist Hip Brief as well as the Groovin’ Cotton Hip Brief.

I really liked the Low Waist Hip Brief, and as you will see, the Cup Boxer is no exception.


Where the Waist Hip Brief was properly labeled, I have to say that the Groovin Cup Boxer is no way near a boxer or boxer brief cut. This is a low rise trunk, bordering on a square cut. And just to make it clear – this is not a bad thing, I happen to prefer trunks to long-legged boxer briefs. I just want to align your expectations with reality.

Since the Groovin’ Cup Boxer is made from an extremely stretchy (and overwhelmingly comfortable) nylon blend, it’s difficult to indicate an exact length of the sides of the trunk. Unstretched (as in when not worn), the sides of the trunk measure about 5,5 inches at their narrowest, including waistband

The style may look a bit small when you unpack it, but it looks tremendous when you put it on. This also means that if you’re used to trunks, briefs, or boxer brief, the Groovin’ Cup Boxer will fit right in.

Pouch design

The pouch design of the Groovin’ Cup Boxer is the result of excellent craftsmanship in my opinion. The pouch is built with enough room to harbor men of all sizes, and even if you’re endowed above average, the stretchiness of the fabric will let the pouch expand to create a perfect fit and adequate support.

Also, an added bonus is the chilling effect created by the nylon fabric. It whips moisture from your crotch and keeps your stuff cool and ventilated. On hot days this type of underwear is an absolute must.

Back design

If you’re bored with regular boxer briefs, but not a big fan of low rise briefs and borderline skimpy underwear, actually the Cup Boxer could be a good compromise. In spite of its minimalistic look it actually provides all the back coverage you need.

The stretchy fabric ensures a tight fit, and a center seam running down the back of the trunk accentuates your butt cheeks as two separate entities. I found it impressive that this effect was achieved without the fabric getting wedged in between the butt cheeks.


The white waistband is exactly the same as with the Groovin’ Waist Hip Brief. It measures about 1,2 inches in width, with understated gray Groovin’ logos embroided. The waistband does the job of keeping the trunk firmly in place on the hip and upper thighs just fine.

Fabric quality

Just as was the case with the Groovin’ Low Waist Hip Brief, the Cup Boxer is made from a soft, stretchy and extremely ventilating 92 % Nylon / 8 % Lycra fabric blend. I’ve already mentioned the positive effect this fabric has on many of the features of the trunk. It’s just plain comfortable to wear.

Like the brief, the Cup Boxer is perfect for sports activities where it’s key to keep your body as dry as possible.


I wore the pink variant of the Groovin’ Cup Boxer trunk. The pink color is nicely contrasted by the white waistband. If you’re looking for more conservative colors, don’t worry. No less than 12 color variants are available, a couple of which I have added pictures of at the bottom of the post.


I wore a size M for a 32” waist and the Cup Boxer fit like glove, though as mentioned, it did look tiny when I unpacked it. No need to worry, though, I found absolutely no need to to size up or down.


The Groovin’ Cup Boxer is a another great deal if I ever saw one, setting you back no more than €15.50 from

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