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Underwear Click recently had an exclusive interview with new Underwear Brand’s Creative Director, Darrell MacDonald, who’s behind the design and management of new underwear brand AMU.


Darrell, What’s the inspiration behind AMU?

“After three years of running Alpha Male Undies online and selling luxury brands, I felt that there was a market for a brand of the same luxury quality but at a slightly more accessible price point. As I began to think a bit more about AMU I also realised that their was a gap in the market for something a little more powerful and a lot more modern feeling than all of the other brands out there. This is why all of our materials used are classics but remain a luxury quality and our focus is on a really great fit. We have concentrated on the classics and made sure that we bring the basics up to an Alpha Male standard.”

Alpha Male Undies

If there’s a single adjective to define or describe AMU, what would it be?

“The dictionary definition of Alpha is described as someone being the most prominent, talented, or aggressive person in a group. I would go one step further and say that ” powerful” is the perfect word to describe AMU. Not only is “powerful” a great description of our use of the word “Alpha”, but is perfectly sums up AMU as a company, our designs and our future plans as a business. I really feel that what we are bringing to the men’s underwear market is a very powerful concept.”


Designed in Dublin, Manufactured in LA, what’s the best thing about both cities which you think was integrated in the look and feel of the AMU brand?

“LA has long been a hot spot for urban and contemporary brands to manufacture their products as well as being a location for the young and sexy to go. It seemed like the most suitable place to have our underwear produced. We really feel that the people of LA really “get” AMU and that it’s something they want to buy into. Dublin is such an up and coming place, in recent years more and more creative people have been coming out Dublin and we have been responsible for designing some really great stuff. You no longer need to go to the traditional fashion capitals such as London to find the newest emerging talent-we have plenty of it here in Dublin.”

Alpha Male Undies

When you look closely at the style and fitting of AMU, you will definitely notice that it totally highlights your best form as Darrell shares, “Overall, the style of all of our underwear is tight and form fitting. An alpha male wouldn’t shy away in loose and baggy boxer shorts, they would represent their power by showing off their body in close fitting pieces. This is why all of our collection fits the way it does: an alpha male is proud of their body and our underwear is cut for this, so that it makes you look your best, especially when you are standing to attention.” When asked about the stylish AMU waistband Logo, Darrell explains, “Obviously the key concept of AMU is the strong, alpha male image, and I wanted this to be represented strongly in the branding. Red immediately seemed like the most obvious choice, as it is such a bold and powerful colour. Red also has connotations of lust and passion, which is absolutely perfect for an underwear brand. We translated the letters A, M and U into strong, powerful shapes to represent Alpha Male Undies main concept of channelling a mans inner alpha male: the shapes are all red outlines filled in with black, suggesting something hidden within.”

Unleash the gorgeousness within. Check out AMU at Alpha Male Undies.

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