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Photographed by Jerrad Matthew for Underwear Nation


Photographed by Jerrad Matthew for Underwear Nation, here’s Dusty L. in Pump! 

underwear-nation-pump-3 underwear-nation-pump-2 underwear-nation-pump-1

Underwear Nation : Aussie Aussie Aussie

underwearnation-aussie-01 underwearnation-aussie-11 underwearnation-aussie-21 underwearnation-aussie-31

Underwear Nation Neon Light

Underwear Nation presents a lovely editorial entitled “Neon Light”, photgraphed by Jerrad Matthew

underwearnation-neonlight-01 underwearnation-neonlight-11 underwearnation-neonlight-21 underwearnation-neonlight-31 underwearnation-neonlight-51

Underwear Nation – Are you Ready for Spring

underwearnation-01 underwearnation-11 underwearnation-21 underwearnation-31 underwearnation-41

Underwear Nation Pink Issue



Underwear of the month: Cocksox Brief and Trunk.  Gregg Homme Boytoy Jockstrap.
Model: Domenico Barone (Matthew Agency.
Photographer: Jerrad Matthew

THE PINK ISSUE. February 2014.  Real men wear pink. Recent world-history and popular thought may not agree, but at Underwear Nation, we certainly do! It was in the 40′s that the common practice of assigning the color pink to baby girls and blue to baby boys began the terrible trend of assigning colors to gender. But these pinks aren’t your grandma’s pale hues.

The color we feature this month is strong and daring, perhaps not to be worn by the meek and mild.  A man with confidence can carry these undies off without hesitation.  It doesn’t hurt if you have tan, beautiful skin like our model Domenico Barone, but the color can look good on nearly anyone.

Once again, this month brings a new brand to the collection we carefully choose for our Citizens: Gregg Homme. We’re very excited to add this sexy line with our jockstrap of the month: The Gregg Homme Boytoy Jockstrap! And we couldn’t resist adding a few more daring choices from Gregg Homme with the bold pink colors they offered. Our other featured underwear of the month are from our Australian friends at Cocksox, with the black and pink Cocksox brief and Cocksox trunk.

Be sure to SHOP THE ISSUE below and take a closer look at the pink undies we’ve featured this month…if you’re daring enough. Being a Citizen (member) of our Underwear of the Month Club means one of the styles of Cocksox or the Gregg Homme Boytoy Jockstrap seen here on the right will be showing up on your doorstep.  Be a man! Wear pink! And don’t be a afraid to show it off!

If you’re not a member of our Underwear of the Month Club, JOIN NOW

Pink4b Pink2b Pink3b


Undies of the Day Timoteo Varsity Athlete Jock Brief White/Grey/Blue



Timoteo Varsity Athlete Jock Brief White/Grey/Blue

The Timoteo Varsity Athlete Jock Brief is sporty, athletic, collegiate with a nod to sexiness. This cut frames the booty perfectly and is great for the locker room or the bedroom. Also available in red.

Model: Casey is wearing size M
Waist: 31″
Height: 6’2” (188cm)
Weight: 183 lbs (83kg)

 $22.00 from Underwear Nation



Underwear Nation : The Bold Issue


Photographed by Jerrad Matthew for Underwear Nation, here’s Nate in “The Bold Issue” featuring Teamm8, and Cocksox

underwearnation-11 underwearnation-21 underwearnation-31 underwearnation-41 underwearnation-51 underwearnation-61 underwearnation-71

Varsity : Underwear Nation

Photographed by Jerrad Matthew, here’s Justin Leonard in Timoteo Varsity for Underwear Nation

underwear nation
underwear nation
underwear nation
underwear nation
underwear nation
underwear nation
underwear nation
underwear nation
underwear nation

November’s Varsity Issue for Underwear Nation

 The full Varsity Issue can be seen here:

Model: Justin Leonard
Photographer: Jerrad Matthew


Varsity1b Varsity3b Varsity15b

November’s Varsity Issue


UnderwearNation Black and white Issue

Model: Bryce Hrusovsky

Photography: Jerrad Matthew
Underwear of the Month: N2N Bodywear 

 shop the issue at:

    B-W1b B-W2b B-W3b B-W4b B-W5b B-W6b B-W7b B-W8b B-W9b B-W10b B-W11b

Underwear Nation October’s Underwear of the Month!


Our featured underwear are the N2N Bodywear Air Brief, Trunk, and Jockstrap.
Our issue for this month is the Black and White Issue.  The full issue can be seen here:  


UN_N2N_Air_Trunk UN_N2N_Air_Brief UN_N2N_Air_Jock

Underwear of the Month by Pump Underwear from our “Voyeur Issue.”


We are delighted to show you Underwear Nations September’s Underwear of the Month by Pump Underwear from our “Voyeur Issue.” 


They are the Pump Touchdown Ice Boxer, Pump Touchdown Sky Brief, Pump Ice Jockstrap.

PumpBrief PumpJock PumpTrunk

Underwear Nation Featured Underwear: CellBlock13



Photography and Story by Jerrad Matthew  |  Model Brandon Flood


 Model Brandon Flood didn’t flinch when we told him what we had up our sleeve for this month’s issue. He arrived at Underwear Nation headquarters in a pair of basketball shorts and a t-shirt, no undies.  He couldn’t wait to get outside to run around practically naked and work up a nice sweat.  ”I can actually workout a little and work up a real sweat, right?” Brandon asked as we got started. “I can do some push-ups or go for a jog, get all hot and sweaty for you. Really make it the real deal?”

I can actually workout a little and work up a real sweat, right?  I can do some push-ups or go for a jog, get all hot… make it the real deal?

Wether it soaking in the sun on a hot summer day, pushing that extra mile on a run, or hitting that extra-set on the weight bench, sometimes a good sweat can really make your day.  Sweat helps remove toxins in your body, leaving your skin cleaner and your body healthier, not to mention the obvious benefit of keeping your body temperature where it should be.

And, lets admit… it’s kind of damn sexy.

This month we joined forces with CellBlock 13 to present the Sweat Issue.  CellBlock 13 is known for having a slightly more fetish edge to their product and we figured it was a perfect fit with our focus this month.  From the sporty Defender Pant to our personal favorite, the Puppy Butcher Tank, these items picked by our experts certainly inspire the desire to get a hot and sticky!  Check out the issue above, shop the items below, and check out our featured Underwear of the Month on the right.  And, as always, don’t be afraid to get caught with your pants down!

_SW2 _SW3 _SW4 _SW5 _SW6 _SW7 _SW8 _SW9

Underwear Nation – Underwear of the month

Underwear:  Private Structure Luminous Brief and Trunk, in multiple colors.
Model: Ajdin Sefer
Photographer: Jerrad Matthew

Ajdin-B1 Ajdin-B2 Ajdin-B3 Ajdin-B4 Ajdin-B5 Ajdin-B6 Ajdin-T1 Ajdin-T2 Ajdin-T3 Ajdin-T4 Ajdin-T5 Ajdin-T6 

Sneak peek at July’s Underwear of the Month – Underwear Nation

Here is a sneak peek at July’s Underwear of the Month:  Luminous Trunk and Luminous Brief by Private Structure. 
Model: Ajdin Sefer
Photography: Jerrad Matthew
Ajdin2 Ajdin1


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