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MODUS VIVENDI presents the Thongs Swimwear Line, because thong-mania is now spread even near the beac

It’s not only that you can now enjoy the sun tanning better, but the ultimate freedom you feel wearing nothing but just a pouch! You kept on asking for MODUS VIVENDI swimwear thongs; so we deliver!

Discover our new Thongs Line made in a great variety of colors, get yours and express your naughty sides. All designs are made of fast drying fabric and feature an iconic Nickel free, metallic tag on the back, with a cutout MODUS VIVENDI logo!


MODUS VIVENDI, this time decided to approach the right people to do this campaign, since we had a certain vision regarding the presentation of this unique campaign. We found the right man that had the necessary and the most suitable background for this yet combining those with his talent and his excellent artworks. His name is Denis Sdobnov but people also knows him as Drawmedenis.

Denis Sdobnov is known for portraying a collective LGBTQ+ imagery through his unique perspective, and visually manifesting private sensual fantasy. His works have been acknowledged and forwarded by numerous gay icons on social media. His work has been acknowledged and forwarded by numerous gay icons on social media. In February 2021, Sdobnov hosted its debut solo exhibition “Midsummer” in Shanghai.

So, let’s meet the man behind this work of art, the illustrator of this beautiful campaign.

Read his interview below.

“My name is Denis Sdobnov and I was born and raised in a traditional Russian Orthodox family and grew up with a struggle for self-identity. Moving to Shanghai and practicing art, have gradually become my agency for my slow but glittering process of self-acceptance and reconciliation.

Here in Shanghai, I feel empowered by the extremely supportive and talented queer artist community, which endowed me with the strength to follow my heart and instinct, and become more visually and vocally self-expressive.

I believe being a queer artist comes with a lot of communal and social responsibilities. Your work and practice should not be a merely about portraits or self-explorations. You need to give love and supports, empowering other queer people in struggle and agony and unreservedly celebrate difference and diversity.

Being able to showcase my work during PRIDE month would be no doubt to cheer more queer people up at the time of celebrating who you are. It would be a great chance to fulfill my mission as a socially caring artist and culture worker.”



Modus Vivendi launches the Cyclops Swimwear Line from Swimwear 2022 Collection inspired by the one-eyed giants.

MODUS VIVENDI presents the Cyclops swimwear Line, inspired by the one-eyed giants of ancient Greek mythology. This new swimwear line highlights every creature’s beauty & uniqueness. The Cyclops Line is here to serve you with all your secret desires, even for those you still don’t want to be revealing. Here to help you emphasize comfort without compromising style.

The customized printed fabric gives the illusion of a mesh design, yet not transparent. MODUS VIVENDI new swimwear urges all men to express their deepest desires through designs that are always bold and fashion side edgy.

The Cyclops Line has just been released in some really bright colors, plus the all-time classic black and white, while comprising of briefs, trunk boxers and shorts, to choose from for your day at the beach!


Modus Vivendi launches the Hellenic Line from Spring-Summer 2022 Collection inspired by ancient Greek Heritage.

If not MODUS VIVENDI, then who? With the Greek way of life running in our blood, we proudly present Hellenic Line. Ancient Greek Heritage has inspired almost every artist worldwide, so naturally did inspire us too. With all the respect to our roots, we offer you, with utmost love, some new designs which feature the Greek key design, Meander. Having Greece in mind, couldn’t resist to travel to Mykonos; the famous island, well known for the blue sky and the white architecture.

Hellenic Line, apart from references to ancient Greek Art, obviously reflects to Greek Summer too. Celebrating Greek spirit, inspiration came from archaic yet contemporary ancient Greek meander design and the natural beauty of Mykonos. Iconic and all time classic design, serving at once, the blue of the sea, the white of the houses and the bright sun of Greece.

Discover the Hellenic Line’s blue and white stripes; dream of Greek sun, looking at the lux detail of the shiny metal tag; Let your senses free and travel in our beautiful country. The Line comprises of thong, low cut briefs, tanga briefs, classic briefs, boxers, jockstraps, tanktop & t-shirt.

Modus Vivendi launches the Stardust Swimwear Line from Swimwear 2022 Collection inspired by mirroring.

MODUS VIVENDI Stardust Swimwear Line. The category is… eleganza, extravaganza. Need a summer fashion boost?

Need to stand out of the crowd? Now you have it! And the only question is: mirror mirror on the wall, who is the prettiest of them?

Either you are a mesh, sheer lover or not, you will definitely love this new style of holiday glamour.

Enjoy the devilish color blogging made of shiny fuchsia lycra and transparent muslin either in orange or black.

Stardust Swimwear Line is here to impress and comprises of some really sexy and pose low cut briefs, tanga briefs, classic briefs and trunk boxers. Unique and stylish swimsuits are ready to be explored.

Leisure At Its Best by Modus Vivendi

The Leisure Line has been launched and the theme is chic & comfy life. It’s time to pamper yourself and feel the bliss of luxury loungewear designed by Modus Vivendi. This posh resort collection consists of some expertly tailored pieces, which can be worn inside and outside of the bedroom and designed to look good whatever the occasion is.

The menu of relax wear collection has: as starter – retro caftans made of cotton feel Bretton fabric; as main menu – seventies inspired robes and cord sets made of satin look lace fabric, and last but not least as desert – bold, tone to tone, stripes on satinated pyjamas So pick your favorite style, refresh your mood and keep your spirit up, while chilling around.

The Leisure Line comprises of pyjamas, caftans and robes. Unique and stylish pieces ready to be explored.


Photographer: Panos Misailidis @p2photographygr / Models: Denis Mastorakis @denismastorakis, Christos Kamarinos @christos.kamarinos & Theonikos Iyagbor @theonikosiyagbor / Videography: Panos Misailidis @p2photographygr / Campaign: Leisure Line / Location: Greece


Modus Vivendi launches the Thongs Collection from the Fall – Winter 21-22 Collection inspired by your desire.

Think of you wearing a pair of underwear… it’s there… but you forget about it; cause the best part of the thong is the feeling of wearing nothing but just a pouch! You kept on asking for MODUS VIVENDI thongs; so here you are: Discover our new THONGS collection made of a great variety of fabrics. Choose among cotton, latex look, metallic look, leather look or even perforated semitransparent thongs, get yours and express your naughty sides.

All designs allow maximum exposure of the body as well as room for movement and feature an iconic Nickel free, metallic tag on the back, with a cutout MODUS VIVENDI logo!

Thongs collection is here to fascinate you, captivate you and excite you. You can find a plenty variety of colors such as red, white, blue, black, leopard, khaki, camel, zebra, lavender, skin, gun-metal and rose-gold. You asked for it and we deliver it to you. Sexy style and ideal for those who are open to new adventures.

The Modus Vivendi Thongs collection is available from €25.00

Modus Vivendi launches the Spring Summer Collection 2021& Swimwear Collection 2021 inspired by the POP – Fetish & Luxury culture.

Nudes, lace, denim, knits & boost: Modus Vivendi`s new pieces are made to stand the test of time.

See your body. See your mind. See yourself. Love every part of you with the new Modus Vivendi SS 21 Collection. We can express ourselves with fashion & keep up with the latest trends. Masculine and up to date, MV adapts to suit a diverse range of people. This is an inclusive collection of pieces that recall nature and modern shapes that take their inspiration from the world.


This season the Swimwear 2021 collection is all about the contrast between simplistic and bold designs– both in terms of shape and Color. The color palette is so fresh and visually pleasing; it makes the pieces even more desirable. The selection of the designs and fabrics of this collection that deploys on your body and accompany your gestures also enhances your personality, to what we hope is your most intimate and truest qualities. Discover the Swimwear Collection, featuring glam, camo, pique, velvet & recycled pieces bringing new energy to your look.



Let your imagination take flight for this season, with underwear & swimwear that loves your body. A most anticipated journey with 14 lines and 31 models, a journey that will keep us attached.


Modus Vivendi launches the Smooth Knit Line from the Fall Winter Collection 2020-2021 inspired by simplicity

Wrap your body with the new Smooth Knit line and move elegantly with luxurious warmth through the winter season.

Inspired by the simplicity of nature and the serenity of isolation this line will take you places through the feeling it creates on your skin.

Indulge your senses with the warmth of the sun, the air, the water, the soil that surrounds you as if you were in a dream.

Let the Smooth Knit line embrace you while you meditate, doing yoga or pilates, quite the mind and the body will feel.


The Smooth Knit Line comprises of Briefs, Jockstraps, Low Cut Briefs, Tanga Briefs, Shorts,  Sleeveless, Longsleeves, Robe, Pants & Meggings.


Modus Vivendi launches the Trapped Camo Line rom the Fall Winter Collection 2020-2021 inspired by perseverance.

Set your eyes on the prize and enjoy the journey. Imagine the sun and the air touching your skin giving you energy, feel the freshness of the mountains, and fuel up to move further up.

Risk and determination are what makes the difference for people who make it to the top; watch them, learn, adapt their practices to your character and triumph.

Life is too short to walk in a straight narrow path go big choose your way.


The Trapped Camo Line comprises of Boxers, Briefs, Bottomless, Jockstraps, Low Cut Briefs, Tanga Briefs, Tanktops, T-shirts, Jackets, Hoodies, Pants, Scarves & Hats.


Modus Vivendi X Greeks Come True inspired by the Greek next door men & athletes.


Modus Vivendi and Greeks Come True, the highly popular and much-celebrated Calendar project featuring
real men and athletes from all over Greece joined forces for some truly sizzling hot visuals.

Every year we see the release of a print Calendar, full of exclusive (oh and did we mention strictly nude?) content –
for 2020 we get to admire the exceptional work of the photographer Yiorgos Kaplanidis, followed by a Making Of the movie,
packed with lots and lots of uncensored action from behind the scenes.

In this year’s offerings, you get a taste of what life could be in a ‘70s villa together with some of the finest Greek men you’ve ever seen!

Catch them in their most intimate times – skinny dipping in the pool, working out in the summer heat, playing fun games and competing
with each other, trying on and off their favorite white Modus Vivendi underwear and much, much more!
It’s all there, in the Greeks Come True 2020 Making of the movie, 85 minutes of raw and uncut action.

Watch the Official TRAILER 



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Modus Vivendi Launches the Camouflage Swimwear Collection

New adventures and new beginnings this summer with the Camouflage Swimwear Collection. Four unique elevated camo prints offer a fresh approach on military fashion.

Discovering new lands while battling and winning with habits it’s this summer’s moto. Wear the change you want to see.


The Camouflage Collection comprises of Briefs, Low Cut Briefs, Shorts, Trunk Boxers & Towels.

If you are looking for Classic and show – stopper at the same time the Ermis line is your love to be.

Inspired by the Greek God Hermes this line is pure, classic, and elegant. Everyday beach essentials with fashion-forward and eye-catching pieces that you`ll love this summer.
Deliver the message of your personal style gracefully with a touch of playfulness. Let loose and let the information flow from and to others until you have all it needs to elevate.

The Ermis line comprises of Briefs, Low Cut Briefs, Shorts, Trunk Boxers.


Inspired by skin color diversity the Sun Tanning line has you covered

Inspired by skin color diversity the Sun Tanning line has you covered.

For every shade, every style and every day, from the plain to the colorful the MV Sun Tanning range delivers swimwear without noise and fit for a beach adventure.

Meet our new range of nude summer essentials. Introducing true hues to love. Love your body. Your mind. Your soul.

Love every aspect of yourself; your light sides and your dark ones.



The Sun Tanning line comprises of Briefs, Low Cut Briefs, Shorts & Trunk Boxers.

Modus Vivendi launches the Peace Line from the Spring Summer Collection 2020 inspired by Love.

Inspired by the colors of peace and freedom of being, the Peace line will make your day. A retro favorite design in a modern palette with updated silhouettes.

Hit the gym, beach, or the streets in this stylishly colorful icebreaker, featuring the multiple expression of one’s self, the mood for the day, and the need for a statement.

BRIGHT, BOLD, AND COLORFUL: PEACE RETURNS. Express your true colors. Solo or combined, these new styles feel like old favorites being revamped.

The Peace line comprises of Boxers, Briefs, Jockstraps, Pants, Shorts, Tanga Briefs, Tanktops & T-shirts.


Underwear: joan_crisol / Photographer: Joan Crisol @joan_crisol  

Model: Josué Tarí Madariaga @josu_exito28 & Tomi Mikael Lappi @tomilappi / Video: Raul Flory @aticonorteproducciones / Location: Tenerife, Canary Islands


Modus Vivendi, Campagne Labyrinth  underwear line Campaign

The Labyrinth line is inspired by the Greek myth of Theseus and the Minautor.
A tale of love, betrayal, hope, drama, and freedom. The elaborate and sophisticated design is the path to symbolic spiritual freedom.
Break free of common norms and enjoy life as you want it.


The Labyrinth line comprises of Bottomless, Boxers, Briefs, Low Cut Briefs, Shorts, Tanga Briefs, Tanktops & T-shirts.


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