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Justus 1.4.1 PROGRAM

For every item you purchase on our website, JUSTUS will donate a new pair of underwear to a homeless shelter: one for one.

You Buy One – We Donate One

So, the next time you pull a pair of our underwear out of your drawer, you can feel good knowing that you have helped a person in need. And we all know there is nothing better than a clean pair of underwear.

Want to do more? You can get involved by emailing us information about local shelters in your immediate area that would benefit from 1-4-1. Together, we can make a life changing impact for many – one new pair of underwear at a time!

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Order 2 pieces of any one item and Save 20%. Order 3 pieces of any one item Save 30%!

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Justus Boyz

The creators of the Justus Clothing (also the recording duo Justus Boyz) will give one pair of Justus underwear briefs to a homeless shelter for every item sold on / . “The idea is an obvious step for us to take after we saw the need, first-hand, for new underwear”, said Michael Boila, Co-owner of The Justus Clothing Company. Phil (the other Co-Owner) adds, “Over the holidays we had a conversation with a local homeless shelter for run-away teens and inquired what they were in need of. We were told that a donation of underwear would be appreciated more than we could ever imagine. We were more than happy to make the donation. Underwear is something that most of us take for granted. But, as it was pointed out to us, when an individual does not have access to basic laundry services, a new pair of underwear is worth it’s weight in gold.”

Phil & Mike Boila stumbled into the business of manufacturing fashion underwear a few years ago when they decided to launch a clothing line bearing the same name as their musical endeavor. Their range of items include sport hip briefs in camoflague and solid colors, trunk briefs, standard boxer briefs and athletic jocks in addition to tshirts, hats, wristband, belt buckles and Justus Boyz military ID Dog Tags. You can find Justus underwear online and in over 250 boutique locations throughout the United States and other territories.

“We’ve always wanted our brand to create a sense of community through music as well as our other interest” Phil, explains. “In addition to our success on iTunes we knew that we could build on the idea of bringing people together through fashion. The Justus Boyz mission statement is to “create a brand that is inclusive of all people regardless of age, race, orientation, religion or gender.””

Michael explains the commitment as, “Justus – it’s about all of us.”

Justus Boyz wants everyone to know that for every item a customer purchase on / The Justus Clothing Company will donate a pair of underwear to a homeless shelter. So when someone pulls a pair of Justus underwear out of the drawer, you can take comfort in knowing that you have helped someone in need. So, really it’s not something Phil & Mike (Justus Boyz) are doing as recording artists or Justus Clothing is doing as a company – it’s something everyone is doing to help out as individuals.”

For more information contact The Justus Clothing Company at (248) 821-0709

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