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Stunning Images from Photographer Carlos Medel featuring Dani Robles

We are delighted to be able to show these excellent images from Photographer Carlos Medel Featuring Dani Robles.

Head over to Drugi Par Gaća  and read  this Exclusive editorial 
“Eros Star”

Dani Robles is wearing AMU Black Mesh Bikini 

Model: Dani Robles
Photography: Carlos Medel

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Maurice Bright is a young fitness model, certified personal trainer and published fitness writer. He has a stunning potential to take over the modeling world tremendously in fast and furious mode. Read below his answers to our interview in which we discussed more about his modeling, sport/ fitness life and discipline that takes with it.Also, take a long look on our exclusive editorial “Gladiator games” in which Maurice poses for Rawy Rayan wearing AMU Classic Airtex mesh shorts.

Model: Maurice Bright,
Photography: Rawy Rayan, Instagram@rawy.fla
Art director: Dalibor Jakus

Maurice, relatively recently you became a model. Can you tell us more about yourself?
Sure! I’m Maurice Bright. I’m a certified personal trainer, published fitness writer and professional international muscle model. I’m based in Orlando, FL out of the United States of America and my favorite color is purple lol.

Are you imagined in your youth that you will one day become a model?
Not at all. Modeling came to me mentally earlier this year – I was looking through a magazine and saw some fitness models who I felt I could emulate status wise due to the fact my physique was more developed all around then theirs.

So far, among other stuff that you done; there are two brilliant editorial campaigns, one for Tani Underwear and another for Brazilian brand Lupo. Can you provide us some behind stories? How fast that work goes viral?
Well, me and Malcolm Finlayson over at Lupo were pretty thoroughly acquainted before the shoot was even on the table. I reviewed some of their gear prior to their U.S. launch on my health/fitness website and I really liked it all so I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to get my foot in the door modeling wise. Adam over at Tani grew a liking to my physique and branding direction rather quickly so that took about a week tops to get everything sorted and in motion. The Lupo shoot gained ground steadily, didn’t really explode all too much overnight but the Tani shoot was REALLY popular out of the gate. Tumblr, Twitter, blogs all around and my supporters really dug the concept me and photographer Rawy Rayan brought to that project

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Are there any particular brands or photographers you would like to work with that you have not worked with yet?
I’d love to work with Calvin Klein and Jockey down the line, as well as Nike on something more fitness focused. Photographer wise, Luis Rafael and Mike Ruiz are on my list.

Although your latest campaigns are dedicated to underwear brands you are into sportswear too?
Yes, that is actually a direction I’m speaking with companies about getting involved in. I feel like I’d be a natural when it comes to that style of modeling.

What are your favorite underwear and sportswear style or brand?
My favorite underwear would have to be Tani at this moment and I love their briefs. Sportswear would have to be AMU; I absolutely loved their shorts I modeled for this spread, those things felt so light and well fitted.




Outside of modeling you are certified personal trainer and published fitness writer. You run very educative and informative web page dedicate to health and sport, right?
Yes, I do. I’m also currently expanding the direction of my health/fitness platform which really excites me moving forward. Going to be catering to a more female focused audience as well as producing more visual content and etc.

For the fitness model and trainer food regime is very important? Are you practicing any diet? Are you preparing food by yourself?
Yes, food is indeed important but what is more important is overall consumption of said food (caloric maintenance). My diet currently is relative high protein, mediumish carbs and high fats; it does change depending on if a shoot is near or not. I do not food prep at all actually haha, I feel like that style of eating gets boring rather fast.

How much time you spend practicing?
I’ll wake up and typically hit the gym to start the day unless it’s Sunday which is my rest day. Then I’ll return, eat, clean and sit down to send off business emails to clients, companies and/or etc. I also strategize business plans moving forward and write new content whenever I feel driven to. I spend about 2 hrs tops in the gym; my rest periods of always timed and brief so each second I’m in the gym I’m maximizing my effort.

What are your career goals and what kind of modeling project would you like to do most?
Well my career goal up to this point was to be known internationally which I’ve recently accomplished, so now I’m eyeing a cover shoot and some other big plans I have in store. I’d love to do an artistically nude shoot to be honest purely because I view my body as art thus I’d like it to be displayed as such theme wise. If I did do a nude shoot though, it would have to be pristine and professional from top to bottom, something like the ESPN Body Issue works.

How do you spend your free time?
My free time is usually spent blueprinting business plans, answering emails, brainstorming new projects or watching American football.





Running or Swimming?
Running, most definitely.
Which European country do you want to see?
I’d love to see the United Kingdom someday, I’ve heard so many good things about the ambiance there.
Favorite print magazine?
Don’t really have one unfortunately! Haha.
Do you like Italian food?
Hell yes! One of my favorite types of food actually.
Brief or jock underwear?
This is a hard one actually since I just tried a jock strap for the 1st time for this shoot and it felt really comfortable but I’d have to say briefs until I wear more jocks haha.
Disney character?
Favorite America’s National Park?
Yellowstone National Park.



New Season 20 Men’s Underwear Collection by drugipargaca.blogspot

 Men’s underwear brands presented lower are numbered randomly and do not represent personal top list of the blog’s editor
1. Clever Moda 2. Much Underwear 3. WearMeUnder 4. Diëtz Underwear 5. Stonemen 6. Tani Underwear 7. Supawear 8.Wood Underwear 9. Gus de la Cruz Menswear 10. MaleBasics 11. Zphela 12. Andrew Christan 13. Obviously Underwear 14. Zahid Latif Copenhagen 15. G&A Underwear 16. Marcuse 17. CellBlok 13 18. Garçon Model 19. 2Eros 20. Modus Vivendi



Are you a big fan of CleverWell the new underwear line has just been releasedAnd  The new collection is HOTIt’s verycolorful and fun! This year the collection contains some bright and fun colorsThe colors are not just solids either. Clever hasintroduced some amazing prints as well. These are super funIf Clever hasn’t been your underwear brand so fardo not takejust our word and go take a look at the at the entire Fall / Winter Clever collectionAbsolutely outstanding new line thatleaves you breathless. Clever Moda has fantastic boxers, briefs, thongs, jockstraps and swimwear designs. It’s up to you to discover more.

Two Portuguese underwear addicted boys had a dream of ensuring the birth of a new underwear brand that was completely made in Portugal. With this dream arrives much: a men’s underwear brand of high quality, comfortable and, above all, super fun clothes. It’s designed and planned exclusively in Portugal through sustainable environmental practices with strict quality control. Much begins with an explosion of color in his first #IamMUCHmore collection. This explosion is just the beginning of something more. Much has many plans for the future, with different collections that will appeal to the most courageous and to the most classic. One of my new favorite, beyond all.
The time for men to feel and look confident and super sexy has come and wearMEunder is here to help! They are happy to offer man everywhere something new and exciting. wearMEunder underwear is specially manufactured with woven fabrics specifically selected for a number of reasons, providing all the comfort and functionality that underwear is supposed to. That is why they call them SKIN (collection)! wearMEunder products have been especially woven to provide breath-ability even during times of friction and body heat rise, from day to day wear to physical exercise. Seams and stitching have been placed not just to build the product but to accentuate features, provide comfort and support. By focusing on these aspects, wearMEunder encompasses them as being part of a personal lifestyle need as opposed to simply a mere optional choice.
Dietz brand has its origin from Europeans who immigrated to Brazil at the of the nineteenth centuryThey brought fromEurope tailor the knowledge to make clothes for menincluding underwearTheir descendants followed the family traditionand continued producing garments with high qualitycomfort and style to provide the selfconfidence to their clientsTheseprinciples are the base where Dietz was foundedDesigns are made for contemporary men who are self-confident, think out of the boxand take care of themselvesCurrently Dietz products are sold in different shops in EuropeUSACanadaMexico, South America and AustraliaHowever, there is a new season and a new decisionChoose them!
Web page:
Stonemen is the only underwear label created with a seamless image that completely wraps around you, introducing innovative technology to quirky design. The result is a pair of undies that hug, tuck and lift like no other, while always looking top dollar. Thier favourite artists, both near and far, create superior digital prints, inspired by natural landscapes and earthy hues. The images themselves evoke a sense of freedom and exploration, though your goods always remain in one place. It’s no surprise that Stonemen create underwear to be the next best thing to slipping on your birthday suit. And a far better alternative to wearing a fig leave. Don’t simply take our word for it – order a pair today and feel for yourself.
Web page:
You appreciate craftsmanship, innovation and performance. Tani do too. That’s why they work with only the finest fabrics, innovative knits and finishes to make their collection of underwear, undershirts and loungewear. It’s a level of comfort, fit and function unheard of and unmatched in the category. Designed with a clean, modern aesthetic for a timeless appearance and a smooth, sleek profile, Tani make men’s underwear like nothing you’ve ever put on. So don’t be surprised when you’re reluctant to take it off. I am happy to show the latest work of model, personal trainer and Maurice Bright. Maurice worked with photographer Rawy Rayan in a collaboration with this luxury mens underwear brand. A great work indeed!
The Supawear Supanova collection has a range of jocks, briefs, trunks and leggings in three funky colour: day light, hazard, galactic. As with all Supawear underwear, they are designed to be young and funky, for the Superhero inside the wearer. They have bold colours, contrast trims and multi-coloured waistbands. Shot by Russian based photographer Serge Lee the campaign features fun and quirky shots of the model who play on underwear superhero culture with a low-rise waist contrasted with a form fitted body. This and the colourful design gives the perfect combination of playfulness and quality. Why dont you pick up your favorite Supanova, right now?

Working with model Arad Winwin, photographer Armando Adajar captures the Wood Striate Line in a four-photo series featuring the Striate Line. Arad poses indoors, his chiseled chest cast in a soft, intimate lighting. It’s a setup that, despite Arad’s unquestionably amazing body, puts all eyes on his underwear. As that soft lighting drips dimly down his figure, the Wood Striate Line’s wildly vivid colors – Purple, Orange, Aqua, and Midnight – pop in a unique and eye-catching way. The wooden striations use colorful contrasts and curve around every inch of Arad, further accentuating his waist, thighs, rear, and front. Everything’s shapely enough. You may find yourself wishing Adajar had shed some light on other bits and pieces. But overall the photo-shoot sticks to Wood’s aesthetic: comfy, cozy, mature and masculine. And really, their Striate Line does the same.


Gus de la Cruz Menswear soon is preparing to release it’s debut collection for men, which have different lines such as: Ready to Wear luxury, casual Streetwear, Swimwear and main star – underwear collection. We will see the unique style of the brand with elegance, each item will have a touch of elegance and originality that makes distinguish themselves from others. Among all, the proposals are the use of unusual materials, a concept of minimalism care in details that enhance the use of traditional techniques combined with new technologies. All this with the great support of brand’s official photographer Chris Femat who is also the director of marketing for the brand, with these images show part of the next job in which there will be new faces and above all a debut collection that will impress their fans.

I have the pleasure to show you the latest work of Spanish photographer Adrian C. Martin for MaleBasics. The talented photographer worked with four fitness models (Eric Jurado, Airam Amador, Federico Averame and Javier Morales) to feature in the best way possible the latest designs of the brand. The shoot took place in Tenerife, Canary Islands. The underwear you see below are from the Camo and Neon collections by MaleBasics. The Malebasics Neon Collection was designed with a new 50mm waistband featuring an Oversized Malebasics Logo in 3 different colors: Neon Pink, Neon Blue, Neon Yellow. The collection includes Briefs, Mini Shorts and Jockstraps.
Web page:
Zphela as a brand is focused on providing men with bold, sexy, tasteful, tempting, yet refreshingly classy underwear and lounge wear. The sexiness is refined into sensuality to arouse and excite the senses. Zphela has redefined the appeal of the everyday basic staples with their Signature Collection.
Zphela’s products are composed from a luxury Nylon Spandex Fabric. Nylon Spandex is a premium staple in fabric world due to its composition. Nylon remains light, soft, and airy, wick moisture away while moving freely with the body, the durability of the fabric guarantees it remains true to the fit and support after continuous wear, making it perfect are every occasion. Zphela intends to push boundaries, make bold statements, while creating long lasting aesthetic of men’s underwear and lounge wear that will extend beyond the status quo.

For this year, Andrew Christan decided to share our own stories of how we came to have so much Pride. The road may not always be easy but it is always worth while to come out, be free, and find the love in the world. Hopefully by sharing our stories they are able to further inspire others and continue to help, as the song says, change the world. One of Andrew’s best sellers is his amazing line of technically advanced, custom woven men’s underwear. It is available in street, sport, fashion, and basic-themed lines, and is available in a range of styles, including low cut, super-low-cut, boxer briefs, and more. Enjoy this autumn in new and excited Blow collection!

The AnatoMAX is the largest pouch ever produced by Obviously! It will provide extra comfort, room and size for men who need it. This pouch appears in the Basics Collection from Obviously’s Originals Range. Obviously is hitting us with a throwback this season! They have reintroduced their original logo, product style and designs, but with their newest garment designs upgrades. The Basics Collection is made out of the custom blend of lyrca and micromodal, which is an Obviously signature blend. This collection is available in four colors: graphite, gray, white and black. These colors are prefect for everyday wear as well as the nightlife. If you’re someone who tends to love specific styles in underwear, you won’t be left without options.

In the land of Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales – Denmark is a land inspired by beauty. From our wilderness to our city sky-lines, Denmark is home to beautiful landscapes that have inspired designers for generations. Our capital city of Copenhagen is a major fashion mecca for Scandinavia, and it is here that Zahid Latif Copenhagen was born.To us, quality means more than how a garment looks or functions, ..but it also includes the way it affects the environment and quality of life. This means working to source materials and develop processes that minimize damage to the environment. Therefore our underwear waistband elastic is made of up to 30 percent post consumer recycled nylon. Nylon is a thermoplastic material, and just like other plastic, it can be recycled easily.


G&A – ORGANIC INNERWEAR is a sustainable organic underwear label for males from Berlin, Germany. They showcased the first collection at the Ethical Fashion Show during the Berlin Fashion Week in 2015. G&A produces and distributes sustainable underwear made from organic cotton with respect and responsibility for Mother Earth and in a socially responsible and fair manner. Designed in Berlin and produced in India, our products create the sexy alternative for all those out to save the world. G&A has developed a collection of fourteen different underpants – enough to meet the needs of all men, whether they are saviours of the world, fetish lovers or heroes – but, boys, please wash them every so often – thanks! Act with sustainability in mind but still be sexy.

Web page:

Marcuse taps into Ibiza, providing the perfect themed look for brand’s printed underwear. They reckon you’ll soak up the vibe in these classic ocean-inspired silhouette prints, fitted with elastic waistband to hug your masculine waist. Where ever you seek the sun and the pulsating rhythm of life, throw in your pair of Marcuse Ibiza briefs! As always, Marcuse has an exceptional and radiant color selection, such as: orange, yellow, blue and white. Known for their exclusive designs, whilst catering to all personalities and tastes, Marcuse delivers an eccentric and fun underwear selection for the island lover inside all of us.

This is Joe Carrier’s first ever shoot. The young choreographer, dancer, personal trainer and now model, was photographed very recently by Timoteo Ocampo for his own underwear brand Cellblock13. Enjoy some photos below and admit that you like him as much as we do! Let’s hope to see a lot more of Joe in the near future and new campaigns.The items featured are the Ninja Neoprene Rubber Jock, Alpha Harness, Asylum Lace Up Jock Brief and Stryker and Rollover socks among others. Just to remind you – In 2012, the Timoteo fashion company launched its new label, CellBlock 13.  Created and designed by Timoteo, CellBlock 13 is the go to brand for FASHION MEETS FETISH and people all over the world count CellBlock 13 as the one place to find the latest in ‘gear’.

Garçon Model started from a simple statement: Your clothes say a lot about your personality. The problem? Men’s underwear is way behind the fashion curve. Guys are literally stuck wearing Batman undies or boring three-pack briefs that go shapeless within a month. To remedy that, we set out to create world-class underwear that would bring a man’s underwear drawer into the modern age. You’re going to love Garçon Model! Between work, gym, and play, underwear is the base layer that keeps us comfortable throughout the day.  To that end, our line combines the enhanced functionality of cutting-edge active wear with the sophistication of high-end fashion. This is why so many men like to wear Garçon Model.

Web page:

So where does the name come from “2EROS’ EROS is named after the Greek God of lust and love, Eros. The Olympus Series Underwear is inspired by the meeting area of  Greek Gods – Olympus. It uses Gold and Silver color themes to do so. Another thing that 2EROS has is their use of great fabrics. One of my favorites is the Black Label. The Olympus series is made with Tactile and Nylon, and uses wicking on stretched mesh fabric to allow faster drying. The Olympus range is available in Briefs, Trunks, Jockstraps, and 2EROS’ first ever, Singlet! Before you go and get all excited about the Singlet. They are talking Tank top and not a wrestling singlet. The colors available are Black and Gold with a waistband that matches the body and trim colors.


Modus Vivendi continues the presentation of its Fall/Winter 2015-16 collection with this limited edition, ‘flash’ line. The newly released line is called Abstract Lace and it comprises two types of briefs (low cut and classic cut) and jockstraps in pure white or seductive black. These sexy, masculine pieces are made from a fine semi-transparent French lace and are contoured to perfectly fit the male form. Not every man has felt lace on his body and this is a perfect opportunity: Modus Vivendi certainly knows how to pull it off. The Abstract Lace line is definitely classy and perfectly represents the brand’s ideals: high fashion, creativity, supreme quality and comfort. The model for this line is once again Alexandros Kaltsidis. This great looking man is photographed on location in Thessaloniki by Panos Misailidis in a shoot that represents effortless chic and modernity.

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