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Stunning Images from Photographer Carlos Medel featuring Dani Robles

We are delighted to be able to show these excellent images from Photographer Carlos Medel Featuring Dani Robles.

Head over to Drugi Par Gaća  and read  this Exclusive editorial 
“Eros Star”

Dani Robles is wearing AMU Black Mesh Bikini 

Model: Dani Robles
Photography: Carlos Medel

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Maurice Bright is a young fitness model, certified personal trainer and published fitness writer. He has a stunning potential to take over the modeling world tremendously in fast and furious mode. Read below his answers to our interview in which we discussed more about his modeling, sport/ fitness life and discipline that takes with it.Also, take a long look on our exclusive editorial “Gladiator games” in which Maurice poses for Rawy Rayan wearing AMU Classic Airtex mesh shorts.

Model: Maurice Bright,
Photography: Rawy Rayan, Instagram@rawy.fla
Art director: Dalibor Jakus

Maurice, relatively recently you became a model. Can you tell us more about yourself?
Sure! I’m Maurice Bright. I’m a certified personal trainer, published fitness writer and professional international muscle model. I’m based in Orlando, FL out of the United States of America and my favorite color is purple lol.

Are you imagined in your youth that you will one day become a model?
Not at all. Modeling came to me mentally earlier this year – I was looking through a magazine and saw some fitness models who I felt I could emulate status wise due to the fact my physique was more developed all around then theirs.

So far, among other stuff that you done; there are two brilliant editorial campaigns, one for Tani Underwear and another for Brazilian brand Lupo. Can you provide us some behind stories? How fast that work goes viral?
Well, me and Malcolm Finlayson over at Lupo were pretty thoroughly acquainted before the shoot was even on the table. I reviewed some of their gear prior to their U.S. launch on my health/fitness website and I really liked it all so I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to get my foot in the door modeling wise. Adam over at Tani grew a liking to my physique and branding direction rather quickly so that took about a week tops to get everything sorted and in motion. The Lupo shoot gained ground steadily, didn’t really explode all too much overnight but the Tani shoot was REALLY popular out of the gate. Tumblr, Twitter, blogs all around and my supporters really dug the concept me and photographer Rawy Rayan brought to that project

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Are there any particular brands or photographers you would like to work with that you have not worked with yet?
I’d love to work with Calvin Klein and Jockey down the line, as well as Nike on something more fitness focused. Photographer wise, Luis Rafael and Mike Ruiz are on my list.

Although your latest campaigns are dedicated to underwear brands you are into sportswear too?
Yes, that is actually a direction I’m speaking with companies about getting involved in. I feel like I’d be a natural when it comes to that style of modeling.

What are your favorite underwear and sportswear style or brand?
My favorite underwear would have to be Tani at this moment and I love their briefs. Sportswear would have to be AMU; I absolutely loved their shorts I modeled for this spread, those things felt so light and well fitted.




Outside of modeling you are certified personal trainer and published fitness writer. You run very educative and informative web page dedicate to health and sport, right?
Yes, I do. I’m also currently expanding the direction of my health/fitness platform which really excites me moving forward. Going to be catering to a more female focused audience as well as producing more visual content and etc.

For the fitness model and trainer food regime is very important? Are you practicing any diet? Are you preparing food by yourself?
Yes, food is indeed important but what is more important is overall consumption of said food (caloric maintenance). My diet currently is relative high protein, mediumish carbs and high fats; it does change depending on if a shoot is near or not. I do not food prep at all actually haha, I feel like that style of eating gets boring rather fast.

How much time you spend practicing?
I’ll wake up and typically hit the gym to start the day unless it’s Sunday which is my rest day. Then I’ll return, eat, clean and sit down to send off business emails to clients, companies and/or etc. I also strategize business plans moving forward and write new content whenever I feel driven to. I spend about 2 hrs tops in the gym; my rest periods of always timed and brief so each second I’m in the gym I’m maximizing my effort.

What are your career goals and what kind of modeling project would you like to do most?
Well my career goal up to this point was to be known internationally which I’ve recently accomplished, so now I’m eyeing a cover shoot and some other big plans I have in store. I’d love to do an artistically nude shoot to be honest purely because I view my body as art thus I’d like it to be displayed as such theme wise. If I did do a nude shoot though, it would have to be pristine and professional from top to bottom, something like the ESPN Body Issue works.

How do you spend your free time?
My free time is usually spent blueprinting business plans, answering emails, brainstorming new projects or watching American football.





Running or Swimming?
Running, most definitely.
Which European country do you want to see?
I’d love to see the United Kingdom someday, I’ve heard so many good things about the ambiance there.
Favorite print magazine?
Don’t really have one unfortunately! Haha.
Do you like Italian food?
Hell yes! One of my favorite types of food actually.
Brief or jock underwear?
This is a hard one actually since I just tried a jock strap for the 1st time for this shoot and it felt really comfortable but I’d have to say briefs until I wear more jocks haha.
Disney character?
Favorite America’s National Park?
Yellowstone National Park.



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