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Bluebuck Launches its Nautical Collection of Underwear

Bluebuck, a men’s underwear label based in the UK, is thrilled to introduce its Nautical collection of briefs and trunks. The brand is very passionate about designing products for the rugged and adventurous which are friendly to the environment. Through the use of renewable energies and organic cotton the label proves that cares for the nature as much as it does for you.

Bluebuck’s Nautical collection is the perfect choice for this season, with navy and soft summery colours as its highlights. The collection comes in two cuts, briefs and trunks, and various colours, iceberg green, ice blue, navy, white, grey and pink. To spice up the nautical look of the collection the brand has added either buttons or stripes to the underwear that will make you feel like a sailor on land. The items are 100% produced in Europe, with the yarn and fabric made in Portugal, the supportive elastic waistband in Austria and the cotton label in Italy. Both briefs and trunks contain 95% organic cotton and 5% elastane and offer durability, softness, resistance and style. All underwear is offered in four convenient sizes to fit most (from XS to XXL in most styles).

The Nautical collection is ideal for the unashamedly masculine man who looks sexy without putting a lot of effort, and appreciates nature and outdoors activities. Bluebuck takes pride in creating classic underwear that will last and stay always in fashion, and of course will always be in stock for you to get more! The use of high quality organic cotton and renewable energy sources like the sun, wind and water allow the label to cut its carbon footprint and create strong, reliable, soft, fashionable and eco-friendly underwear all at the same time.

You feel naughty this summer and want to enjoy nature unabashedly in your underwear? The Nautical collection by Bluebuck gives you the choice to do it with no regret. Don’t miss it!


Bluebuck Introduces its Eco-friendly Multi Packs

Bluebuck, a men’s underwear label based in the UK, is more than happy to present you its new multi packs of underwear and socks. The label focuses its practices around the environment by creating items for the rugged and adventurous in factories powered by renewable energy. The cotton used for the products is organically grown, so it doesn’t use any fertilisers and pesticides that promote the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

Bluebuck’s new multi packs are offered in some of your most loved items, and in irresistible prices. The 4-packs classic and nautical briefs come in a classic fit with an elastic waistband that contains over 60% of cotton and does not irritate the skin. The 4 and 3-packs classic and nautical trunks respectively are made with 95% organic cotton and offer comfort and durability. The 4 and 6-packs of nautical and 5 yarns socks are also made of high quality soft organic cotton and are ideal for the cold days and your outdoor adventures. All of the packs come in classic and bright hues to guarantee convenience and style that will last for ages.

All of the component parts of the items are produced in Europe and moved by road, which produces around 75% less CO2 than planes. Bluebuck takes climate change seriously and its actions are aimed to minimize its impact on the planet, while creating trustworthy green products.

The new multi packs highlight Bluebuck’s environmentally friendly ethos since they result in less packaging. They are perfect as a gift to men who are naturally sexy and appreciate comfort and durability. They are also great for anyone who wants to stock up on his favourites and for a better price!

Are you wondering what to get as a valuable and long lasting gift? You want to buy a bunch of loved basics but you still want a bit of colour variety? Bluebuck gives you the best solution with its new multi packs!


Bluebuck Brings Back its Eco-Friendly Boxer Shorts… and gets you ready for spring

Bluebuck underwear campaign shoot.  Scotland, Summer 2010.  Model: Andrew Ramming

Bluebuck, a men’s underwear label based in the UK, is really excited to announce the return of its already loved boxer shorts. The company is very proud for producing all of its items in European factories that use renewable sources of energy. The brand’s goal is not only to create the best products for you, but to care for the environment as much as possible. Even the cotton used for their production is picked by hand, and not with heavy machinery.

Bluebucks’s boxer shorts are made of 95% extremely soft organic cotton and 5% elastane, and their functional fly opens with 2 buttons. The supportive waistband is produced in Austria, and it has a herringbone pattern, made mostly out of cotton. In contrast with the label’s fitted trunks and boxer briefs, these looser fit boxer shorts offer more breathability and comfort, and as always the high quality of the materials and the meticulous manufacturing of the underwear renders them very soft and reliable. As a bonus the company has added two new colours to the range. The boxer shorts are now offered in five different colours (black, sky blue, grey, white and blue), and they come in six convenient sizes to fit most (from XS to XXL).

Bluebuck’s owner, Pierre David, recently stated: “Our aim is to provide our customers with the best essential underwear they can have. So instead of trying to come up with a totally new one, we thought what a better idea than bringing back an already trusted, and spicing it up with two extra colours. At the end of the day, all we want is to offer reliable underwear of high quality that will stay forever in your wardrobe”. Our boxer shorts are soft, comfortable, durable, eco-friendly and classic. What more do you really want?

Are you getting worried that your usual fitted underwear will make you feel too warm and uncomfortable as the weather gets hotter? Our boxer shorts are perfect for the rugged and adventurous guy who appreciates a bit of fresh air and more room to manoeuvre.


Bluebuck underwear campaign shoot.  Scotland, Summer 2010.  Model: Andrew Ramming

Bluebuck underwear campaign shoot.  Scotland, Summer 2010.  Model: Andrew Ramming

Bluebuck underwear campaign shoot.  Scotland, Summer 2010.  Model: Andrew Ramming

Bluebuck underwear campaign shoot.  Scotland, Summer 2010.  Model: Andrew Ramming

Bluebuck underwear campaign shoot.  Scotland, Summer 2010.  Model: Andrew Ramming

The best style in winter is warmth! Bluebuck releases long johns collection


UK based men’s underwear label, Bluebuck, is thrilled to announce the launch of its new classics, the long johns collection. Bluebuck prides itself for manufacturing all of its products in European factories which use renewable sources of energy. The company’s aim is to produce high quality products, with the lowest possible cost to the environment.
Bluebuck’s long johns are made from a superior quality, 95% organic cotton and 5% elastane, blend fabric and are extremely soft, supportive and durable. They are offered in white, grey and navy, essential colours every modern man should have in his wardrobe. They come in four sizes to fit most (from small to extra large) along with a perfectly-sized, contoured pouch to keep everything nicely in place. Bluebuck’s long johns are versatile and comfortable and they can be worn under almost any type of trousers as underwear, as comfy loungewear or even as pyjamas.
Bluebuck’s owner, Pierre David, explained: “Every time we design and make a new product we want to make sure that it will satisfy all of our customers’ needs. Our priority is not to create eccentric designs which might be of low quality, but classic ones that are made from the best materials, and are durable and always in fashion”.
It’s true! Bluebuck’s long johns will last a long time, keep you warm, they are eco-friendly and a staple at the same time. What can be better than that? They are also perfect for the slopes, getting lost in the forest or hanging around town. It’s been a long cold winter, but Bluebuck has got you covered… literally… especially your legs!

Price – £39

Bluebuck - Long Johns collection - conceptual 02



Bluebuck - Long Johns collection - product shots 01 Bluebuck - Long Johns collection - product shots 02 Bluebuck - Long Johns collection - product shots 03

Bluebuck - Long Johns collection - product shots 04 Bluebuck - Long Johns collection - product shots 05 Bluebuck - Long Johns collection - product shots 06


Bluebuck releases first collections of socks for men!

Bluebuck socks for men 11
Bluebuck socks for men 09
Bluebuck, a men’s underwear company, is excited to announce the launch of its new nautical and 5 yarns socks collections. Bluebuck’s socks, along with the rest of the company’s products, are proudly being produced in European  factories using renewable energies, thus highlighting its ‘clean’ character.
Bluebuck’s socks are made from 90% organic cotton, 9% polyamide and 1% elastane, making them gently soft and highly supportive at the same time. They are offered in various shades and blends (melange) of blue, green and grey colours. They don’t just look great, but they are also very easy to wear and combine with almost anything in your wardrobe. The Nautical collection comes in two sizes and the 5 yarns collection in one size that fits most.
As Bluebuck’s owner, Pierre David, explained, “Our goal is not to massively produce socks that already exist in the market at the lowest price, but to produce top quality socks, made from organic cotton in facilities that care about our planet as much as we care about ourselves. Every man needs socks, and what we offer them is nothing but the best.” Bluebuck’s socks are comfortable, warm, durable and eco-friendly at the same time.
No more cold feet every time you go out and about on a winter’s day! Bluebuck’s new socks will leave you warm and cosy this season!
Bluebuck socks for men 01 Bluebuck socks for men 02
 Bluebuck socks for men 05  Bluebuck socks for men 08  Bluebuck socks for men 10


UK based brand Bluebuck continues to expand its masculine range of underwear and clothing this season. Comprising more styles and colour ways than ever before, the brand’s underwear collection now offers six styles in many classic hues, solids and stripes. Moreover, there are tank tops and t-shirts to wear as outer wear with your favourite pair of jeans. Bluebuck makes robust yet refined garments using only premium organic cotton. The brand carefully selected the best suppliers across Europe to produce products of the highest quality with minimal carbon output. Bluebuck is a 100% made in Europe brand that creates great pants for great men since 2011!

What better way to see a selection of Bluebuck’s timeless designs than on Andrew Ramming who modelled just for the brand wearing some of his own favourite pairs. Life is a big adventure and the concept of this shoot couldn’t fit that motto better!
Bluebuck underwear 2017 17 Bluebuck underwear 2017 06



Bluebuck underwear 2017 14 Bluebuck underwear 2017 28 Bluebuck underwear 2017 22 Bluebuck underwear 2017 04 Bluebuck underwear 2017 30

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