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Artillery Underwear and Rocco Hards Review



Each guy in the world has its own Artillery and it’s damn valuable! So we thought why not take care of it with a cool touch of Art. For too long your Artillery has been hidden in the dark, not nearly getting the attention it deserves; today, you’ll strut down the runway (or maybe just down the street) in pure works of art. Take the risk, load the guns, and get ready to blow.

Artillery, ‘fire in your pants’, is pioneering a new men’s underwear brand that is determined to ensure you look good and feel eff-ing great! We’ve evolved the luxury men’s underwear market, offering you super-premium artistic limited editions that can be worn with bona fide pride, and at a bloody good price too. This makes you look like a million bucks, and gives these artists a crackin’ place to display their brilliance!

All our products are made with super comfortable Peruvian cotton; long-lasting so your underwear will go the yards, even in the tightest situations. You will love the way it feels, the way it breathes and the way it lovingly hugs your buns.

At Artillery, we are proud to provide the world’s men with stylish, quality underwear so you can load up your Artillery to feel the fire!




Artillery -fire in your pants9 4%Cotton 6% Elastaine Made in Colombia These briefs are very lightweight and comfortable.

They support artists therefore it’s pants with an arty twist.

The details are well added such as the black elasticated band and art picture printed on the front including the signature of the artist itself.

I had these on at the gym today and certainly they turned some heads in the changing rooms.

They are very supportive and the countour pouch around the crotch keeps everythind in place and well on show.

Great for everyday wear as well as sports briefs. The cotton content allows the skin to breathe


Overall score:

10 –  Look

9 – Detail

10 – Comfort

10 – stitching

The price of the clover boxer is $26.95 available from here..

image copy


image copy 2


image copy 3


Mike Saltzman’s Story: An impressionist painter and designer based out of New York. I regularly adventure into the world equipped only with a +3 charisma.





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